Dear friends and customers of Cafe Cultura:

We cordially invite you to participate in our guestbook. Nevertheless, in spite of the typical few lines of praise we’d like to ask you for your favorite photo of your visit(s) at Cafe Colibri instead.

Please send your photo with the names of the people on the picture to and we will upload it here !

A photo says more then a thousand words ! Check your folders for the funniest, sunniest or simply the best photo you have taken at Cafe Colibri and become a member of the exclusive Cafe Colibri photo club. Besides the eternal fame of having your photo published here in our guestbook (where everybody can see it), every photo will be awarded with one of our delicious fruit juices of your choice at your next visit !

Breakfast in Cafe Colibri Restaurant

Cafe Colibri

Pinto 619 between Av. Amazonas and Cordero
Quito – Ecuador

00593 – (02) – 256 4011