Sitting at a table on Cafe Colibri's outdoor patio, surrounded by green vines, hummingbirds and butterflies, makes you feel like having found just the perfect oasis within busy Quito to enjoy one of our tummy-pleasing German styled breakfasts.

Baskets of fresh homemade bread with jam and butter, both sweet and savory crepe options, omelets, muesli, fruit, yoghurt, sandwiches and fresh fruit juices all clutter the menu. Plus, our compelling breakfast combos are perfect for those who can't settle on just one thing. Nevertheless, for those who are not into breakfast after 12h we also serve German dishes like Currywurst, Gulasch and Bavarian Leberkäs.
By the way, this place is named "Cafe Colibri" because the garden’s flowers attract the humming birds (Colibri in Spanish) of the vicinity and you usually can observe several of these colorful birds flying around the tree in the terrace having breakfast or lunch too.

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Cafe Colibri

Pinto 619 between Av. Amazonas and Cordero
Quito – Ecuador

00593 – (02) – 256 4011